CIA pe Twitter si Facebook

cia_color-logoStiati ca cei de la CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) si-au facut de cateva zile cont pe Twitter si pe Facebook? Pe bune! Da stiu, nici mie nu mi-a venit sa cred, am crezut ca e 1 aprilie…

Se pare ca primul “tweet” a fost dat vineri (6.06.2014) in care au confirmat (sau nu) ceea ce multi dintre noi deja stiam 😉

“We can neither confirm nor deny that this is our first tweet.”

Tweet-ul a avut un succes neasteptat fiind redistribuit de ~ 300.000 de ori! Wow!

Primele poze incarcate pe Facebook au fost pe 1 iunie, data crearii contului si a paginii oficiale, iar primul share a fost pe 6 iunie 😮

Se pare ca acesta deschidere spre social media vina ca urmare a dorintei agentiei de a comunica mai direct cu opinia publica si in acelasi timp de a furniza informatii mai rapid cu privire la misiunea CIA, comunicate cat si istoricul agentiei.

“By expanding to these platforms, CIA will be able to more directly engage with the public and provide information on CIA’s mission, history, and other developments” – CIA Director John Brennan

Nu putem decat sa le uram bafta si sa nu ne spamuiasca prea mult 😉

PS: Cateva comentarii haioase luate de pe Facebook:

-I can neither confirm nor deny that I liked your tweet

-Hey guys, I’ve forgot my password to my E-Mail account. Could you help me out? Thanks a lot!

-Is it safe to say, your following me back?

-I just “liked” the CIA, let the wiretapping commence! Wait, my phone just rebooted…

-Welcome to FaceBook. From Thomas in Bagram, Afghanistan. With Love.

-This is kind of boring. Does the NSA have a page?

-They always have been on facebook and twitter 😀

-I wonder how strong is your password……. 😀

-So you guys get to play on FB all day now like everyone else. LOL!

-Hey guys i lost a porn video i saved years ago, since you all spy on us, can you plz plz plz help me find it back thx

-Where is Mariam? CIA electrocuted her? She posted here 5 minutes ago.

-I “liked” and “followed” them because I’m pretty sure they’ve been following me all along … 😛

… si multe, multe altele! Daca v-am facut curiosi intrati pe sau pe

Be safe and be smart!


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